VFAD Aced International Proficiency Testing in Microbiology Tests

Vet Food Agro Diagnostics (M) Sdn Bhd participated in two proficiency testing programmes (PTP) in 2011, organized by The Food and Environment Research Agency, UK (FERA) and IFM Quality Services Pty. Ltd., Australia.

The PTP organized by FERA, FEPAS Proficiency Test FEPAS159, is for the enumeration of Enterobacteriaceae in Milk Powder. We passed the proficiency testing with an excellent result as our test result is identical to the assigned value set by FEPAS.

The PTP organized by IFM covered the following microbiology tests:

  •   Clostridium perfringens count
  •   Coagulase-positive Staphylococcus count
  •   Salmonella presence/absence
  •   Bacillus cereus count
  •   Coliform count
  •   E. coli count
  •   Lactic acid bacteria count
  •   Mould count
  •   Plate count
  •   Yeast count

We obtained very good results and passed all tests with flying colours. Our enumeration test results fell very close to the assigned values.

These results are important to assure our customers that our laboratory performs quality testing which is reliable and trustworthy. Proficiency testing is an essential element of laboratory quality assurance to assess the competence and ensure the credibility of the laboratory. It involves a group of laboratories or analysts performing the same analyses on the samples and comparing results. For more information on the proficiency testing programmes organized by FEPAS and IFM Quality Services, please visit http://www.fapas.com/proficiency-testing-schemes/fepas and http://www.ifmqs.com.au/